Mastering 1xBet Account Setup and Access: The Ultimate Guide for Filipino Users in 2023


With its vast selection of sports betting and casino gaming options, 1xBet has emerged as a frontrunner for Filipino punters looking to try their luck online. But diving into the platform’s myriad offerings first requires setting up a personalized account. This allows you to access exclusive features, bonuses, and other membership privileges. 

This comprehensive guide will walk you through the ins and outs of creating, accessing, and managing your 1xBet account. Whether you prefer the web interface or mobile apps, having an account is the ticket to unlocking the full 1xBet experience. Let’s get started!

One-Click Account Creation: The Fast Lane to 1xBet

For those raring to jump right into betting, 1xbet’s one-click registration delivers unmatched convenience and speed. 

Here’s how to create your account in seconds:

– Select “In 1 Click” when prompted during registration

– Input your country and currency 

– Click “Register

registration philippines 1xbet

Just like that, your unique username and password will be displayed on-screen. You can now make your first deposit and begin wagering immediately. 

Down the road, be sure to provide full personal details and pass verification to claim bonuses and withdraw earnings.

Enhanced Safety with Phone Number Registration

Seeking an extra layer of security? Opting for phone number registration is the way to go. 

Follow these steps to sign up with your mobile:

– Choose “Phone Number” from the list

– Enter your country and phone number (no need for international code)

– Click “Send SMS” to receive a verification code 

– Input the code in the required field to authenticate your number

registration 1xbet phone philippines

The perk? You can now confidently bet from any location knowing your account is protected.

Comprehensive Registration via Email

Prefer a more thorough sign-up process upfront? Email registration fits the bill.

Here’s how to register successfully:

– Select “Email” as your registration method

– Provide your country, city, currency, full name, valid email, phone number and password

– Check all details before hitting “Register

– Follow the confirmation link sent to your email to complete the process

registration 1xbet email philippines

This grants instant full access with no further data input needed later.

Hassle-Free Social Media Registration

If you want a truly seamless sign-up experience, social media registration allows near-instant account creation using your existing profiles.

Follow these simple steps:

– Choose “Social Networks” during registration  

– Click your preferred platform like Facebook or Google

– Select the currency for your account  

– Hit “Register” and input your social media login details 

registration 1xbet social network philippines

Just like that, your 1xbet account will be linked and ready for action!

Logging In to Your 1xbet Account

Once registered, accessing your account is quick and straightforward via:

Email or Unique ID

– On the homepage, click “Login

– Enter your email or the ID given during one-click registration  

– Input your secure password

login 1xbet

Phone Number

– Under “Login“, click the phone icon  

– Type in your registered phone number

– Provide your associated password

login phone 1xbet

Social Network

– Select “Login” on the homepage

– Click your chosen social network button  

– Input your platform-specific login credentials

login 1xbet

Robust Account Security and Management

Safety first. Be sure to lock down your account with: 

Account verification (required for withdrawals)

Two-factor authentication  

A strong, unique password  

Security question as an extra layer of protection

security 1xbet philippines

To delete your account, simply contact customer support or remain inactive for 3 months.


In closing, signing up and logging into your 1xbet account is a smooth, intuitive process. With multiple registration methods, login options and robust security settings, you’re empowered to craft a personalized betting experience.

As long as you uphold smart account management habits like strong passwords and two-factor authentication, your sports betting and casino thrills are only a few clicks away. Ready to get started? Register today and unlock 1xbet’s premier gambling entertainment.


Can I register using my Facebook profile?

Yes, 1xbet enables swift sign-up directly through your Facebook account.

What’s needed to verify my account? 

You’ll typically need to provide ID like a passport plus proof of address like a utility bill. 

Can I change my registered email or phone number?

Absolutely, just contact 1xbet’s customer support team for step-by-step instructions.

Are there any fees to register an account?

No, signing up for 1xbet is 100% free.

Do I need separate logins for the sportsbook and casino? 

No, you can access all betting products with the same login credentials. 

Is phone number registration available?

Yes, registering directly with your mobile number is a streamlined option.

I forgot my password – what should I do?

Use the “Forgot Password” link on the login page and follow the prompts to reset your password.